Since establishing Stellar Web Studios in 2010, we’ve designed and developed hundreds of websites from the ground up.

Here are the latest examples from our portfolio. Click on any image to zoom in and see the full page design.  

Our Custom Design Portfolio

Morse Bayliss Funeral Home
East Hampton Ambulance Association
Cal-Tek Company

Our perfected website process

Our professional website design service is an intuitive process that ensures every client is delivered a website that serves their brand and their target market.

Three-fold return on investment

  1. Creating a high-quality first impression to new prospects
  2. Increased traffic and increased conversion after we  follow best practices for your new website.
  3. Easier and Faster for you to manage, and your visitors to do business with you. Either work with us after launch on your changes, or take our advice and let us train you or your marketing team on how to work with the content management system.  The system enables even not so tech-savvy users to publish new pages, create success stories and other content, and make changes to your new website.

Unlimited Revisions

With over 14 years of experience in the industry, we have honed our design process to a point where we confidently guarantee satisfaction.

We offer unlimited revisions during the design phase for your  wireframe and detailed design deliverables.  We don’t move forward until you are 100% happy, and we don’t charge more for any requested revisions.  

How does this work?

Learn about our custom website design process – click to expand any section below:

We will research related industry sites to determine what are they doing well, and what stands out about the leading search results in your market. 

We can study the pros and cons of their strategy, and make sure we build something that is inspired by agreed upon best examples.

By assessing your target market, we can consider the best ways to communicate with target customers, and deliver a website experience that makes the process easy for them to do business with you.

By breaking the design process into two parts, the wireframe design, and later the “full skin” detailed design, we can bring you into the design process early on to get your feedback and thoughts on the structural layout for your website.

All designs are guaranteed so you have no limit of revisions.  We’ll make sure your happy with the design before we proceed into development. 

Establishing Brand Personality and Aesthetic

Finding the voice for your business takes imagination, but it’s a great step in coming up with the best possible vision for your marketing presence. 

We’ll work with you to realize the perfect brand color palette for your organization, and a style guide to help identify the creative direction for website content, pictures and details.

We are theme developers, this means we deliver validated, custom code built to be modular, efficient, and an exact replica of your approved website design.  

We do not take shortcuts when it comes to building your website.  It’s a safer bet to write your website’s code carefully and thoughtfully than try and piggy-back off any pre-existing website theme with unknown code.

For customers who have the resources to deliver the content for the new website, we’ll work in agreed-upon keywords and keyphrases to ensure search engines position you properly for relevant, reasonable keyword targets.  

We aim to make the process straightforward and easy for you to deliver content, in most cases we can provide a fill-in-the-blank Google or Word Doc that will help you craft your content.

Examples of questions to build the content for your website

  • What makes your business stand out among competition in your industry / why do customers choose you?
  • What is the story behind your brand or business?
  • What services do you offer?
  • What do people want to know about the services you offer before they decide to choose your company or organization?
  • How do you prefer to be contacted?
  • What’s the main “call to action” you want your customers to take?
  • Do people need to apply or submit information before you would consider taking them on or selling to them?

Every business is different, these are just examples of what we might need your website to communiate clearly to ensure you are successful in your ventures. 

We’ll custom tailor the questions and assist integrating your answers in the best possible format to create beautiful pages on your website.

Hiring a content copywriter is always an option and we can make referrals when this is the preferred approach.

Our 60 point launch checklist ensures we have verified all the important aspects of your website’s security, search ranking, speed, and responsiveness.  More information is available below on this process.

By use of website analytics integration, we can work with you to monitor your most successful pages, and identify opportunities to increase page rank that could be beneficial for your business. 

Select a Base Custom Website Package

Protected Area

This content is password-protected. Please verify with a password to unlock the content.

All Custom Website Packages Include

  • Goal discovery – We’ll schedule one of our first discussions to focus on industry leaders, inspiration links, and your goals and vision for your business or organization
  • Content integration – We’re happy to combine any combination of your prior content and any new content that will be created for the new website.  We can also provide a  questionnaire to get your content started
  • SEO Optimized – Keywords / key-phrases integrated to make search engines love to show your business to your target market
  • Fully responsive – Mobile devices and tablets will display the site beautifully
  • Image selection and assistance
  • Recaptcha protected Contact Form, configured and tested with email delivery via verified SMTP
  • Our 60-point launch checklist
    • Google Analytics you will have direct access to
    • SSL Security (https:// – Secure)
    • Site submitted to search engines
    • Speed optimization for improved user experience and search ranking
    • Tied into Google Webmaster Tools
    • Modern best practices for Security configuration
    • 301 redirects to match any prior website pages to new pages to maintain search ranking
    • Forms set up and tested with submissions routed to any combination of email addresses
    • Complete Training – you will be able to add new pages, modify the main menu, and edit or change any existing text or image content everywhere on the website

Frequently asked questions

Typically two weeks for a design phase, two weeks for development, and two weeks for content integration is good to get from kick-off to launch-ready.  

The launch itself only takes 1 business day and is commonly done outside business hours where less traffic is anticipated on the website to allow for propagation time and detail work associated with the launch itself. 

All designs are guaranteed. 

We guarantee to provide revisions until such time that you are happy with your website design and ready to proceed, without accruing additional expenses.

Since the custom design process is broken down into two phases, wireframe blueprint layout, and then full detail photoshop design, you’ll first see the structure in black and white. 

This process enables you to clearly prioritize any structural changes before the brand colors and any textures or other details are added. 

Consider whether any of these seem like a custom-configured page you might need on your website. 

  • Homepage
  • Interior Page layout
  • Advanced Interior page layout (more than 2 or 3 blocks)
  • Client Portfolio / See Our Work 
  • Project Detail page
  • News / Press / Blog Listing Page
  • News / Press / Blog Detail Page Layout
  • Resource Library / Help Area
  • Story-based scrolling experiences
  • Event List / Calendar
  • Event Detail
  • Team Listing Page
  • Team Member Detail Page
  • Education Sections 

Enterprise scale organizations and businesses may need anywhere from 10-25 webpage templates to successfully represent the range of content and user experiences their websites need.  

We commit to training every client on how to control ALL content, meaning all image choices and text choices throughout your website. 

All you need to remember is your password and “where to  click” to easily update your website.

We’re always available to help develop additional templates or integrations as needed.   

Take a look at our maintenance plans for piece of mind keeping your website up to date with security and scheduled backups and reviews.

eCommerce Add-On Package

  • Shop / Product Listing Page
  • Homepage call to action component to drive traffic to visit Shop or Featured Products
  • Product Detail Page
  • Cart Page
  • Some eCommerce stores allow user registration which includes login utility menu, registered user experience, forgot password, account dashboard for example
  • Checkout
  • Payment Gateway integration – Credit Card,, Stripe, Square, Paypal
  • Shipping integration – USPS, UPS, FedEx – some of these services require weights and dimensions on all products
  • Order verification and platform training for order fulfillment team

Learn More

Each package comes with a set number of pages that we can migrate, or assist in creating with your decisions.

After we launch, or once we’ve trained your team on the new website, you’ll be able to use the new templates to create as many additional pages as you like inside your new website. 

We break each contract into three phases, and a respective payment is due prior to each phase. 

A 40% deposit covers the design phase, a 30% payment is due prior to development phase, and 30% final payment is due upon completion of development, prior to launch.

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