Services We Offer

These are the main services we offer, please inquire if what you are looking for is not listed.

Responsive Mobile Design

Modern technology in business requires us to follow along. We want you to have the best experience with your website and business. Starting April 21st, 2015, if your website is not set up for responsive mobile design, (or compatible on your smartphone) your website will be penalized and sent lower on the list of the google search engine. For the websites that DO have mobile compatibility, their hits will automatically become higher.

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Website Redesign and Website Repair

We have extremely high-standards when it comes to design, and if we begin work on an existing project that needs a new design what makes us know “how” to design is the extensive interviews we do with our client. If things are just looking wrong, or not working right – we can almost definitely fix it.

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PSD to WordPress and WordPress Conversion

What makes getting a Wordpress site from us special is easy to understand. We understand the Wordpress CMS incredibly thoroughly, so we know how to develop themes that are rugged, clean and optimized for each client’s needs. We also have a package of plugins we have learned over time that create an incredibly powerful backend management tool, including a few tweaks of our own.

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Coding is best left to the Pros

Website Development

We are professional web development team with an incredible breadth of experience. We strive to learn and expand our capability with every project we take on. We look for something cutting edge to bring to every client’s project that we think they’ll brag to their friends about.

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Custom Website Design Services

We want to know what you want, and anyone else who has a say in the project. With the interview we’ll do, sometimes called a moodboard, we use the opportunity to discuss various types of design to find out what is the best design style for your business. We go over several themes including fonts, color tone and depth, visual density, open vs contained to really get a feel for how you believe your business should be represented.

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eCommerce Website Developement

An eCommerce website has a lot of responsibility, it needs to be able to do everything an actual brick and mortar shop does. Shelves need to be stocked, customers need to be able to find what they’re looking for, checking out needs to be painless and clear-cut. So we have developed a relationship with an extremely flexible eCommerce tool, and our clients are experiencing excellent results.

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Social Media Marketing

Any interesting piece of content on your website should have the ability for a visitor to share it, not only on facebook, but on any social network they use. The Content Management Systems we use all have excellent tools to enable this, and modify it to match the sites needs.

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