Cost Structure

For clarity, the following items are required for a website to be “live”, and are not part of a work contract for design and development from Stellar Web Studios.

Payments & Milestones

Most projects occur in 3 payments, each Phase only begins once client is satisfied with previous phases’ work, and payment is received for the next phase.


It is the responsibility of the client to communicate with Stellar Web Studios throughout the project, if the client for any reason does not respond to communications including but not limited to phone calls or emails for a period of over two weeks, Stellar Web Studios may bill or charge the client for any uncompensated time spent working on the client’s project, and reserves the right to deliver the project as is, and potentially to cancel the contract.

Shared Responsibility for a Successful Launch

In order to reach the completion date estimate, it is expected that the client will provide any requested content within 5 business days, or requested approval sign-offs within 2 business days.  Client also understands that all required content on the site, is their responsibility to produce and deliver to Stellar Web Studios during the course of development.

Estimated completion dates for projects or milestones of a project are strictly estimates, and are not contractual obligations of Stellar Web Studios.  In the event that an “act of god” or other emergency should occur that affects Stellar Web Studios ability to meet estimated completion dates, Stellar Web Studios reserves the right to reschedule project dates as seen feasable.

Continued Support

After a website is launched, additional changes can be requested and implemented for up to 30 days, up to 3 hours of work. After the 30 days grace period or beyond 3 hours work in that period any requested changes will be charged the hourly rate billed at a 1 hour minimum.  This includes any necessary work due to 3rd party or client changes to website that cause any kind of issue.

Client has the option to sign up for monthly maintenance and support subscription at any time – this includes website change requests of up to an hour each month, in additional to automatic analytics reports, quarterly meetings to review the website, quarterly “core” updates for plugins and WordPress or CMS version in addition to quarterly full site backups in case of emergency.

Website Ownership

Client owns the “website”, which refers to the resulting compiled entity of the code, design and content.  Client has the right to move their website to any hosting solution they choose, or take the website into their own hands, continuing to change and modify it to no limit.  Client takes full responsibility for all content on the site, including images graphics, text.  Stellar Web Studios is not liable for any trademark or copyright disputes related to any content on the site, or any other liability related to content.  Stellar Web Studios reserve the right to use or reuse the code developed for the project in any future or existing project.  No other project by Stellar Web Studios will appear overtly similar to the design developed for the client, this is in regards to the details of the design (meaning the “skin”, often including the css and graphics), not the structural organization of the websites’ pages or content.

Rights of Use

After the website is officially launched, Stellar Web Studios reserve the right to use the design as a portfolio piece on their website, as well as any other print, digital or multimedia marketing or advertising materials.  Stellar Web Studios also requests permission to print a link to their website in the footer of the final website, in 10pt Arial that will read “Website by”, this is not required.

Refunds Policy

Stellar Web Studios does not offer refunds of received payments, but we are fully bound to the work promised.  We go to great lengths to make sure our customers are satisfied, and serve all with strictly professional interests.

Hosting Contracts and Renewals

Hosting payments are due within fifteen days of notification, which may or may not exactly match the start date of the next hosting cycle.  Notifications are provided via customer email address on file.   Hosting payments are due in advance for each 1 year period.   Due to a low-profit margin on hosting, we are not able to offer pro-rated refunds due a mid-term cancellation request.

If a payment is not received by the due date declared in the initial notification email, a 2nd request will be sent out via email, this email will warn that hosting will be cancelled if payment is not received within ten days.  After the ten day grace period, if the hosting payment has not been received, the website will be deactivated on the hosting environment, causing the website to be “down”, and an email notification will be sent out stating this.   A deactivated website will be available for instant reactivation upon payment for at least three months.  If no contact or agreement has been made within the three months of a site being deactivated, the site may be removed from the hosting server.

Hosting and Maintenance Agreements are renewed automatically unless, and until, a declaration of cancellation is sent by the customer to our email or via the contact form on our website.