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or, here’s how to do a DOMAIN NAME TRANSFER

Things to know about a domain name transfer:

  • A domain name transfer will extend your existing domain’s expiration date by exactly one year, so you never pay extra or more than you would have originally.
  • You may need to recreate your email account if you have an emails associated with the transferring domain.  If you use the same password, and you’ve been getting your email at gmail, yahoo, or with outlook, you may want to double-check your mail settings after the email account is recreated.
  • You only need to check two domain settings to make sure it is correctly linked to the hosting server your website is on, the “@ Record” should match the IP of the hosting server, and the nameservers should also match.   Both hosting and domain admin pages will have this information available.
  • We provide unlimited phone support for this, you can call 480-624-2500 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and speak with a technician who will you help you complete the process.

Frequently asked questions

Regardless of which domain “registrar” you purchase your domain through, if you would prefer your email, address, name and phone number that you use when you purchase your domain to be private, you will need what the domain industry calls “domain name privacy protection”.  

It’s typically around $10-$15/year and will prevent you from getting several spam emails from countries all over the world hoping to offer their services to your new business.

If it were up to us this would be included, default, and not an additional cost, but it just is what it is for now.

We’re still fans of .com, but if you can’t get your ideal name.com, we recommend the following:

  • 3 Words or Under
  • No dashes unless you are fine with permanently saying “dash” while saying your business name to people when helping them find your website
  • Domain names are not case-sensitive – you can present them any way you like (this is also true for email addresses)
  • Adding your location to your domain name can be an effective way to find an available name, i.e. TheCompanyBoston.com
  • Naming your business after an interesting and available .com is sometimes worth exploring