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Work one on one together with an experienced web designer/developer to build your starter site.

The Build it Together service is the top choice for our clients who want to create a modern web presence on a budget. 

If you are a small business owner just starting out and want to work with an experienced developer for the entire process of getting your website built, this is an ideal choice for you.

How does it work?

1. Getting it Built

In just 4 virtual sessions, we’ll work together to create a clean, attractive, easy-to-use website that represents your brand and appeals to your customers.

  • Set-Up and Launch Fee – $300 one time
  • Four 90-minute work sessions – $150/ea

Each session is 90 minutes where we work together on a call. Payments are due prior to each session. 

What’s included?

  • Up to 5 pages (Home, Services, About Us, Contact, etc)
  • 1 Contact Form
  • Up to 4 blocks/sections on your homepage (excluding header/footer)
  • Core content creation assistance and integration for your pages as needed
  • Our Build it Together Launch Checklist

2. Getting it Launched, Hosted, and Maintained

After the 4th session, or once the website goes live (whichever comes first), the monthly hosting and maintenance plan commences which is $35/mo.  There is a 2 year minimum contract. This is how we keep the initial price so cost-effective.

What’s included?

  • Pro Business Hosting – Billed at $15/month, on our Dedicated server powered by InMotion Hosting – $180 annual cost
  • Maintenance – Annual backup and update – $200 value
  • Support – Up to 1 hour of support over every two months included – Billed – up to $600 value ($100/hr is our billing rate outside of this billing plan) 
  • Security Insurance 6hrs max

Why our clients love it

You have the opportunity to participate in all the website decisions such as colors, images, inspiration websites, content – all while having your site come alive before your eyes. During the process you’ll be learning how to work with your website to edit existing content or create new pages after it launches. This service includes a 2 year maintenance plan. Your website will be kept up to date with cutting edge technology and the opportunity to continue to improve your web presence.

Build it Together Website

One on One Website Built with an Experienced Developer
$ 300
To get started
  • Website Design Work
  • Website Development Work
  • Website Marketing / Content Work
  • Learn how to Work on your website after launch
  • SEO Consulting

Frequently asked questions

We can schedule up to one session/week starting within one week of your deposit. 

For the standard 5-page package we’ll be ready to launch after the fourth session.

Though 90% of our Build it Together sites launch without the need of additional sessions, we occasionally have a client looking to do more.

This can range from adding something more advanced for the site, adding a blog, adding an eCommerce store, or otherwise requesting additional work.

There are two ways to go from here

  1. You can start tapping into your post-launch maintenance time, at no additional cost other than the monthly subscription cost, at up to 1 hour over every two month period
  2. You can request another full session, at the same fair price of $150 per 90 minute session.

Regardless, you can always request additional work and expect a fair and transparent proposal designed to benefit you in whatever way is most advantageous to you.

Sorry, but no.  For lack of a better example, the service like getting a haircut.  We can’t proceed without you being present! The great rate for this introductory website services is in part because there is no behind the scenes work. 

All of the work happens while we are in each session, with the exception of the server configuration / setup prior to the first session, and the launch checklist when you agree that the site is ready to be launched. 

In the event that you have a short list of bugs, formatting issues, or other website related work, we recommend booking one of our 90 minute Fix it Together Sessions.

While you will be required to sign a two year contract, if you fully dissolve your business or  organization before that time is up, we may be able to offer an exception per your request to end billing prior to the two year anniversary. 

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