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Recommendations for Preparing for a Web Development Project

Here are a couple of useful guidelines for getting a website!

  1. Know what you want, and what your Brand Personality is. Look for websites that can serve as inspiration and think about what your budget is.
  2. Plan to create any and all required content for your website.  This means all the the copy (text), and information about your business, including pictures and images.  Take new photos!
  3. Regarding Images – Make sure not to “steal” from Google images search results unless you very carefully use the Search Tools setting called “Useage Rights” set to “… for re-use with modification).  This is to protect you from stock photo company litigation – it happens!

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Directions to Our NEW Office

We moved Fri, June 30, 2017 to our New address, and we are now located right in Downtown Lowell, above the Post Office in the Enterprise Building. We are neighbors with Meerkat Tickets who can be seen in the 2nd floor windows from the street.

Best Parking is either looking for a spot on Market Street or Central St, which run $1/hr paid by quarters, bills or credit cards.  If you use a credit card, it will automatically charge you for a full two hours.  You can alternatively park in the Leo Roy garage (100 Market St, Lowell, MA) across from the Blue Shamrock and Uncharted Gallery on Market Street.  The cost of the garage is $6.

Enter the building from the door on Central St, head up the stairs, and we are the 3rd door on the left – suite 212A.