Chelmsford School District is home to Chelmsford High School, two middle schools, four grade schools, and one pre-school.  In working with Superintendent Lang and the Chelmsford School Board and we set out to re-organize eight schools and one 100+ page district site to make access to vital information and resources easier and more convenient for students, parents and faculty.

An announcement system allows the district to publish a notice to all school homepages alerting visitors of things such as snow days or any important and urgent information.

The action center built into each homepage gives each school a method of sharing any specific tasks for parents and students that may need to be completed within a certain timeframe such as club registrations, sports registration, and yearbook photos for example to make it easier for people to never miss a deadline.

The new site also features ADA Compliance, nine fully mobile-friendly separate websites with a unique mix of of shared as well as exclusive menus and components on each.  A set of fourteen custom designed and developed templates were built to provide beautiful layouts for the various departments and sections of the website.

In addition to the standard theme components, we also built a ground up sidebar builder, and page section builder, to enable any page to have allow advanced and flexible layouts that are consistent across the entire network of sites.

We have a new product offering coming out shortly to bring this technology to other schools looking for a modern sleek layout that gives them and their users a better experience.

Chelmsford Public Schools

Company X is a firm working on updated technology integrated with chessboards.  They wanted a very simple site that would show off the visual strengths of the project.

Company X – Interactive Art
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