Owner and Stakeholder Interviews

We want to know what you want, and anyone else who has a say in the project. With the interview we’ll do, sometimes called a moodboard, we use the opportunity to discuss various types of design to find out what is the best design style for your business. We go over several themes including fonts, color tone and depth, visual density, open vs contained to really get a feel for how you believe your business should be represented.

Researching Your Industry

We will do an investigation and report on related industry sites, what are they doing well, what stands out about the leading “search results” in your industry? We can study the pros and cons of their strategy, and make sure we build something that is the best of the best.

Market Research

It’s always good to reach out to your target market, and find out what they are looking for, and what they want the experience on your website to be like.

User Interface

Once we understand what your team is looking for, what your market desires, and what your industry colleagues are doing – it’s just a matter of organizing your business in a way that is harmonious to all three.


Many times when we begin preparation to do wireframes, we’ll reiterate the priorities of what our client should be getting across in each section and page of a site.   A fast way of visualizing this process is thinking, “What are the 5 most important things to display on the homepage”?   Then we rank them in order 1 through 5, then we determine how much visual strength each will have out of the “100%” of the page.   You can probably imagine how quickly this process comes together and its at this point we begin to understand exactly what the new website will be like.

Call To Action

A sometimes overlooked but really great plan for any given page of a website, is to know “what do we want the user to do”?   Providing a link or button that visually stands out in the design, to remind the user to sign up, or call, or read more about doing business with you, is a great idea if they get through what they are looking for and are ready to move forward.