Our Rates

We have built our pricing model at the best possible rate for our customers.  The value of the detailed work we put into every project we take on has kept our customers extremely satisfied, and the return they get on their investment is why they refer us to new people who are looking to get the most out of the web marketing.

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Stellar Rate


Artists and Students

$75per hour Please Ask
We’ve priced our services to fit the budget of any business with our competitive standard rate. Artists enrich community, and we love helping them grow. Local artists are invited to request special pricing.

Project Type

All projects are contracted at a fixed number of hours estimated to complete the project. We do not “bill by the hour”.

This table illustrates our common website packages and the amount of time spent on various aspects of the site-building process for each.

Promotional One-Page Site Business Builder Business Builder CUSTOM The Brandmaker Complete Custom Solutions
20hours 25 to 35hours 35 to 50hours 50 to 75hours TBD
Industry Analysis, Stakeholder Interviews,
UX Preparation
2hrs 4hrs 4hrs 8hrs
Wireframes (per template) 1hr (x 2 templates) 1hr (x 2 Templates) 1 (x 3-6 Templates)
Design (per template) 4hrs (1 template) 6hrs (customizing chosen theme) 12hrs for home template, 6-8 for interior template (2 templates) 12hrs for home temlate, 6-8 for interior templates (3-6 templates)
HTML5 / CSS Coding Development (per template) 4hrs 6-8hrs (customizing chosen theme) 8hrs for home template + 4hr for interior termplate (2 templates) 8hrs for home template + 4hrs-8hrs for interior templates (3-6 templates)
CMS Integration and Development 4hrs  6-8hrs 12hrs 12-24hrs  –
Content Entry / Creation 1hr 2hrs 6hrs 6-18hrs  –
Client Training 2hrs 2hrs 2hrs 6hrs in 2 or 3 sessions (first 2hrs FREE)  –
Tweaks and Revisions (2hrs FREE) (3hrs FREE) (3hrs FREE) 2-8hrs (first 3hrs FREE)  –
QC Checklist / SEO 2hrs 4hrs 6hrs 2hr (x 3 templates)  –
Email / Hosting / Domain Setup and Configuration 2hrs 3hrs 3hrs 3hrs
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