Account Details: Rise Social Relations

Monday, December 26, 2022

  • + Added website to UptimeRobot, a monitoring system that checks every minute and alerts us immediately if the site is down. Decreasing amount of potential downtime if the website has a problem
  • + Updated PHP to 8.0
  • + Installed and setup a plugin to optimize images and improve page loading speed
  • + Optimized images for faster loading
  • + Created a custom login page
  • + Added the home page link to the logo in the footer to make it easier for clients to navigate back to the home page
  • + Removed image title from the gallery display
  • + Added a note to the dashboard with tips on how to make changes to your website
  • + Your Analytics reports can be viewed at
  • + Scanned and verified website is malware-free
  • + Backed up database & full website before update
  • + Updated to WordPress 6.1.1
  • + Updated all plugins
  • + Backed up theme & database after upgrade
  • + Your site is using 1.18 GB of disk space