Account Details: Kristy B

Friday, September 15, 2023

  • + Removed unused themes to clear up space and improve website speed
  • + Deactivated unused plugins that are used for the same purpose to avoid potential problems
  • + Added website to UptimeRobot, a monitoring system that checks every minute and alerts us immediately if the site is down. Decreasing amount of potential downtime if the website has a problem
  • + Updated PHP to 8.1
  • + Adjusted the search result title and description of the home page to improve search engine ranking
  • + Added version 3 reCaptcha to the contact form to help reduce spam
  • + Optimized images for faster loading
  • + Added website favicon, the small image that appears on the tab of the browser window
  • + Added image to “Tween bedroom reveal” under Latests projects section on the home page
  • + Made post text information on the “Before and After” page visible on mobile
  • + Scanned and verified website is malware-free
  • + Backed up database & full website before update
  • + Updated to WordPress 6.3.1
  • + Updated all plugins
  • + Backed up theme & database after upgrade