Thanks for your interest in joining Chamber Creatives of Greater Lowell!

Directory Submission information.

This information will be merged down to a nice “one-sheet” for your business and included in the Chamber Creatives binder that each member will have a copy of, if you already have a one-sheet we can review, please add it as one of the files below.

Please submit as much as you can, but don’t feel burdened to go into more detail than you can provide off-the-cuff for now!  You can come back later and submit again to add more files if you don’t have them readily available.

  • Who will be attending Chamber Creatives from your organization?
  • I.e. [email protected] or chat with us on Facebook @companyonfacebook
  • Services will be described below. Please keep this about Tweet length. 1 to 2 sentences, or even as simple as a tagline.
  • No more than a few words to one sentence per item - keep it simple and clear!
  • Pro tip - they say to never use "everyone"!
  • For example, "Our SEO service packages range from $500 to $2500/month and up" or "basic photo headshot sessions start at $100 and go up to $2000 for wedding photo packages"
  • Best partners for you, i.e. "My Clients often need X, Y and Z which we don't provide"
  • Transparent png preferred, but other jpg, psd or eps.
  • Only if you already have something around that you sometimes pass out in a client meeting or at your convention booth.