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We are professional website development team with an incredible breadth of experience.  We strive to learn and expand our capability with every project we take on.   We look for something cutting edge to bring to every client’s project that we think they’ll brag to their friends about.

How validated code helps your business

There’s a great free tool from W3Schools that can check validation of your website, or any website, and the simple truth is that if your site has broken code or code that is poorly written, Google will derank your site down below similar sites with similar content that have clean code.   Less organic traffic means less business.

CSS Styling Standards

There are a lot of methods out there when it comes to CSS, and we’ve honed in on a style strategy that is excellent for our use.  

Since we commonly need to address similar situations as we move from project to project, our system is based on an organized breakdown of styles, we use the @import command on the master stylesheet, and then load up the common site styles, the form and comment styles, the navigation menu styles and any custom plugin styles are appended.   These general design styles are preceded by a CSS reset that works to ensure all browsers will read your sites styles the same way.

How a developer codes your site’s CSS can make a huge difference in the flexibility and ease of how you can change the look of your site.   Knowing how to apply styles to various elements in an intuitive ground up way, makes a big difference in how easily you’ll be able to change your fonts, colors, and other elements of your site that repeat throughout.

CMS Theme Development

When putting together a theme for a content management system such as Worpress, Drupal or Joomla, there is a great deal of possibility.   We go out of our way, often way out of our way, to make sure that the client is able to control everything on the site they might need to, not just the main content.  

We believe it should be simple for any of our clients to add not only pages and articles, but add new sections, make main menu navigation changes, update the footer text and header text, and even update all the pictures throughout the site without worrying about them being sized correctly.

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