Kaboom Collective are an innovative program based in Ohio helping musicians break into the industry with hands-on experience working on everything from Video Games to Film Soundtracks.

We built them a solution that’s not only a marketing website but also a digital classroom experience for their students to be able to login and join their classmates. Students can see their upcoming schedule, hope into the next class session, see recent recap videos and more.

Kaboom Collective

Vibe U is a special events package company that targets universities looking for a great one-night themed  event package for their students.

Vibe U

Anthem Group’s International Music Festival needed an advanced database of Artists and Venues that could be tagged on each relevant Festival Year and maintain cross-linking throughout the site.  We built them a site that is powerful, clean and shows off all the details of the events occurring across the globe each year.

Anthem IMF

Company X is a firm working on updated technology integrated with chessboards.  They wanted a very simple site that would show off the visual strengths of the project.

Company X – Interactive Art

TJ Callahans had not updated their website in several years and wanted a modern, visually strong website.  We built them a powerful site with a detailed menu-browsing experience of their food and drinks, as well as customized event widgets powered by ArtistBomb.com’s database.

TJ Callahans Pub
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