Fix it Together – Website Tech Support by Phone

WordPress and Elementor Website Tech Support by Phone

We’ll be working together using screen-share. We can happily work from either your computer screen or off of ours.

For when you need help getting things done quickly.

More than just Tech Support for Websites!

Fix it Together sessions are where you work with a seasoned professional either in person or over a screen-share phone or video call for up to 90 minutes.

Common use of the time includes

  • WordPress Development Support
  • Elementor Support
  • Website Layout and Design Details Help (CSS support)
  • Support creating new pages or sections amd making them look great
  • Fixing technical errors or issues
  • Removing malware

Think of this service as customizable phone support solution for your needs.


Learn processes so you can be more empowered.

Instead of going through a complex spec and proposal process, you get to work one on one through your mental notes or punchlist of things that need attention, with a known cost.

If work is needed beyond any given session, its up to you whether you would choose to continue with another session, or request a project cost to have us complete work offline.

We enjoy working with people and helping them achieve their vision.  Whether you’re a business owner, developer stuck on something, or a marketing person with limited technical experience, we would be happy to help you punch through any problem.

We’ll always do screen-sharing and work off of your screen or ours, for communication we can happily do simple phone call, video conference, computer mic, or even simply text-chat if you prefer (via the screen-sharing software).

Feel free to give us a call to learn more or book your appointment.


Info [at]


We have done Fix it Together sessions with dozens of customers since we started the service in 2018.  We love to work directly with people and work through their technical questions and website details.  References available by request.


  • Price per session is $149.99 and payments are due prior to the start of each session
  • Logins / Credentials must be available for work to be done
  • Appointment availability is Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays 10am or 2pm.
  • Most sessions can be scheduled within 5 business days.
  • You will witness everything we’re doing – full transparency
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