Trinity EMS is an ambulance company based in the Greater Lowell area.

Trinity EMS

The Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce is a pillar of the business community, they hold networking events and assist members with marketing and promotion of their businesses.

Greater Lowell Chamber 3.0
Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race Website Design
Stellar Custom 2016
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The Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race is a spectacle event starting in 2016 in Lowell, Massachusetts featuring kinetic-powered custom made “sculptured” vehicles that must be able to carry drivers through thick mud, over miles of raceway roads, and also be able to enter the Merrimack River and come back without sinking.

For their website built to promote the event as well as their sponsors and allow teams to submit their applications, they requested a design that would be steampunk style but also in the vein of “wanted” posters.

Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race
Stellar Custom 2015
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The United Teen Equality Center of Lowell operates a Mattress Recycling Program.  They needed a system to be able to have people order pick-ups online – but only on Wednesdays – making a payment to secure the order.   We also migrated them from a static website to a WordPress site essentially the same original design.

Utec Mattress
Stellar Custom 2015
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The Non-Profit Alliance had a very basic site and wanted to revamp it and gain better control to update events, committees, and make announcments.  Stellar provided the NPA with a fresh design, including member features like posting news and events from the “front-end” of the site.

Non-Profit Alliance of Greater Lowell
Stellar Custom 2014
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Girls Inc came to Stellar to ask for some final work on a new website.  Advanced development requests were fulfilled and we launched the site.   The design was not from our shop.

Girls Inc

The Billerica Alliance is a Networking Group that offers organizations and businesses near the Billerica, MA area opportunities to connect.

Billerica Alliance
Merrimack Valley Food Bank

Merrimack Valley Food Bank needed a site with multiple custom sections including a list of Agencies, Events with featured Sponsors, Staff and Board of Directors, and Custom Forms to integrate with their Payment Gateway

Merrimack Valley Food Bank
Stellar Custom 2013
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MCCI is helping unemployed homeowners prevent foreclose on their homes with the creation of a new interest free loan program.

Mill Cities Community Investments
The Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce

Creative Direction by Danielle McFadden of The Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce.

The Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce Logo Work
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